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Legacy LT Walkway

Adding to the previously owned 10’ wide LT inventory, Premier is now offering a 6’ wide walkway, which is a perfect solution for those tight spaces where a 10’ wide will not fit. The 6’ and 10’ wide LT is a specialty product but has a very important purpose in the tenting marketplace. Perfect for a covered walkway joining two tents, or can be used as an entrance/exit tent from an existing building or structure.

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  • The 10′ Legacy LT is a lighter aluminum box frame structure (compared to the standard Legacy Structure) with no interior poles. The LT functions as a perfect canopy from an existing structure, stand-alone unit or as a covered walkway between tents / venues. The LT shares all of the benefits of the standard Legacy tent such as the roof panels / sidewall fabric that sits in the track of the framework. This added feature prevents the billowing sidewalls and a flapping valance.
  • This Structure can be installed on grass, asphalt, wooden decks, or patio stones and has the ability to sit on uneven ground as it is equipped with extendable legs. This structure has clean lines and functions seamlessly when space is at a minimum.

Available Sizes

  • 6’ wide up to 150’ long
  • 10′ wide up to 300′ long


  • Sidewall: Solid, French window or clear walls are available (French window and clear are dependent on warm temperatures)
  • Indirect Quartz Light Fixtures on Dimmer control hung from framework of the tent and pointed towards the roof panels to provide a soft light
  • Concrete Blocks (alternative to staking)
  • Full Wooden Subfloor (option to carpet)
  • Dance Floor (wood grain or white)
  • Clear Roof Panels (dependent on temperature)
  • Clear Gable Ends (dependent on temperature)
  • Edison string lights on dimmer control, hung from framework of tent