Premier Tents provides a Tent Rental service that never fails to deliver.

We provide top quality tents and unrivalled management involvement to ensure that each and every event is handled smoothly and without disruption.

Since Premier’s inception, the core offering has remained unwaveringly in the tent rentals service. Our brand and reputation is consistently reinforced through meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations time and time again. For the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, Premier Tents offers a number of styles, sizes, accessories and related items to create YOUR venue:

Top-Quality Tent Structure

Premier’s inventory includes the very latest in advanced tent structure designs. This innovative design features a box-beam aluminum construction design, meeting and exceeding all engineering requirements of the Ontario Building and Fire Code.

These structures are stable in all weather conditions and provide improved protection from all elements. These unique structures can be installed with no interior support poles or external guy ropes or straps. All fabric roof panels and sidewalls slide in grooves which have been integrated directly into the aluminum framework. They are then tensioned down directly to the frame eliminating flapping valances and billowing sidewalls that are problematic with other, less advanced tent designs.

Legacy Structure

Our extensive line of Legacy Structures are available in 10′, 15′, 20′, 30′ and 40′ widths. The Legacy design makes it possible to install tents over “trouble areas” including patios, raised decks, pools and multi-level spaces. The Legacy line features a high-pitched roof design which provides enhanced ceiling heights, creating unparalleled spacious atmosphere within the tented area.

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Solar System Structure

Our tent rental inventory also includes the innovatively-designed line of Solar System Structures, available in 40′, 50′ and 60′ widths, which can be extended to lengths of 300′ or more. These structures are ideally suited to larger events of 150 or more people. Their interior space is completely free of any interior support poles, and all anchoring is incorporated directly into the baseplates at the bottom of each leg – completely eliminating any tripping hazard or eyesore created by exterior support ropes or guy straps.

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Solara High Peak Tent

The Solara High Peak Tent is great for a backyard function or booth at a festival. The tent has the same exterior look as the larger Tension top pole tent, but only available in a maximum size of 20’x30’. Cross cables extend across the tent at a height of 8’6 holding the centre pole up meaning no interior poles to contend with.

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Legacy LT Walkway

The LT walkway is a wonderful product in the tenting marketplace. It can serve as the name suggests as a ‘walkway’ getting from one point to another, or it can become its own stand-alone structure to meet your event needs.

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High Peak Tension Top Pole Tent

The High Peak Tension Top Pole Tent is a stunning tent with extremely high rooflines and numerous uses in the tenting industry. The pole tent is only available in 40’ & 60’ wide, but if you are looking for the large tent at a great price for a festival, large gathering or wedding, this is the tent for you.

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A-frame & Standard Frame Tent

The frame tent is the most basic tent solution available. The framework can be extended from 6’x10’ up to 40’x40’ using the 2” pipes. The most economical tent available; the frame tent is perfect for any job that requires shelter and protection from the elements.

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Stillwater Sailcloth Pole Tents

The Stillwater Pole Tent is one of the most unique tents in the industry and we are thrilled to offer it in four sizes starting in 2019!! The look is unlike anything in the tenting market with rounded ends, a translucent top, roll up clear side walls and woodgrain finished aluminum (side and centre) poles. The sectional tent at its smallest size is 44’x 43’ spanning up in 20’ increments to 44’x103’. The nautical themed look is perfect for an elegant wedding or a small social or corporate gathering to impress friends or clients.

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Monaco Series Structure

Our line of Monaco Series Structures are available in 20′, 30′ and 40′ widths built using 10′ bays up to 60′ in length. The Monaco’s most prominent design feature is the powder coated frame that matches the sand (beige) or black fabric. This product offers the perfect solution for an upscale function if wanting to stand out from the crowd.

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