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High Peak Tension Top Pole Tent

The high peak pole tent is a visually beautiful tenting solution. With its swooping rooflines and high interior space, this tent is a great addition to any event. Available on the larger end of the tenting spectrum, in 40’ and 60’ widths, the pole tent has a perfect place in the Premier inventory. A wedding, a beer garden or a summer party, this style can be the right tent for you!

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  • A High Peak pole tent, also called a tension top pole tent is the most popular tent in the world. The long history of pole tents exist because of its functional features and attractive look. The swooping rooflines and peaked contouring is used worldwide; Circus and Cirque du Soleil for example, with very little changes to the appearance over the past decades. A pole tent has the highest centre peak in the tenting industry providing an open concept useful for many functions or applications. Not only is it elegant and perfect for a wedding or marquee festival, it also comes at an economical rate.
  • Among the many benefits of a pole tent; large open space, economical, large in size (only available in 40′ & 60′ wide),it also has a few drawbacks. Unlike all other styles of tents which can be blocked, a pole tent must be staked into the ground, whether it’s grass or concrete. The structure gets its height from long interior centre poles creating perimeter tension- evident by its name. Secondly, the walls are slightly more labour intensive to adjust compared to a Legacy, Solar or Solara structure which has a keder track system. The pole tent walls are hung using clips on a rope strung around the perimeter that can still be opened or moved, but requires some effort. Lastly, if the purpose of the tent is for a ceremony, show or presentation, keep in mind the centre poles can be a visual obstacle for sightlines.
  • Overall, the pole tent has stood the test of time for a reason and they sure are a good tenting solution but make sure it meets YOUR NEEDS!

Available Sizes

  • 40′ x 40′
  • 40′ x 60′
  • 40′ x 80′
  • 60′ x 60′
  • 60′ x 70′
  • 60′ x 90′
  • 60′ x 100′
  • 60′ x 120′
  • 60′ x 130′
  • 60′ x 150′
  • 60′ x 170′


  • Sidewall: solid or french window walls are available (french window are dependent on temperature)
  • Standard chandeliers on dimmer control (hung from centre poles)
  • Crystal chandeliers on dimmer control (hung from centre poles)
  • Indirect quartz light fixtures on dimmer control hung from framework of the tent and pointed towards the roof panels to provide a soft light
  • Ceiling fans on speed control (hung from the centre poles)
  • Full wood subfloor (option to carpet or vinyl)
  • Dance floor (woodgrain or white)
  • 4’x4′ Modular staging (various heights and sizes)