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Solar System Structure

Our tent rental inventory also includes the innovatively-designed line of Solar System Structures, available in 40′, 50′ and 60′ widths, which can be extended to lengths of 300′ or more. These structures are ideally suited to larger events of 150 or more people. Their interior space is completely free of any interior support poles, and all anchoring is incorporated directly into the baseplates at the bottom of each leg – completely eliminating any tripping hazard or eyesore created by exterior support ropes or guy straps.

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  • The Solar System Structure is a free standing structure which does not require any interior poles and features a slight pitch from the side of the tent to the peak. The Solar System Structure is perfect for a main event space and provides an extremely weather proof footprint to house guests or anything else you wish to accommodate. All roof panels and sidewall installed for the Solar sit in a track built into the aluminum framework of the tent. This prevents the vinyl fabric from billowing in the wind and ensures guests will stay protected from the elements. The sidewalls can be slid open and tied back with ease if the weather cooperates. Metal bars can also be installed at the bottom of the sidewalls to prevent billowing if the structure is installed in a high-wind area.
  • This Structure can be installed on grass, asphalt, concrete and other level surfaces. This tent is perfect for weddings, product showcases, trade shows and other events which require a weather proof space.

Available Sizes

  • 40′ wide up to 500′ long
  • 50′ wide up to 500′ long
  • 60′ wide up to 500′ long


  • Sidewall: Solid, French window or clear walls are available (French window and clear are dependent on warm temperatures)
  • Indirect Quartz Light Fixtures on Dimmer control hung from framework of the tent and pointed towards the roof panels to provide a soft light.
  • Standard Chandelier on Dimmer Control hung from framework of the tent.
  • Crystal Chandelier on Dimmer Control hung from framework of the tent.
  • Concrete Blocks (alternative to staking)
  • Full Wooden Subfloor (option to carpet)
  • Dance Floor (wood grain or white)
  • Edison String Lights on Dimmer Control
  • Hi-Bay Lighting (cannot dim)
  • 4’x4’ Modular Staging (various heights and sizes)