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A-Frame & Standard Frame Tents

Premier offers a standard frame tent product in various sizes to meet your background event needs. The 2” pipe framework can be built in sections to expand from a 6’x10’ to a 30’x90’. The frame tent is an important product in the Premier inventory as it effectively meets the needs of caterers, event staff, and industrial applications alike!

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  • Versatility: Frame tents can be installed on most surfaces, including grass, concrete, or asphalt, using either ground-driven anchors or concrete ballasts, making them suitable for various locations and environments.
  • Commercial Applications: Frame tents are well-suited for commercial applications, such as catering spaces, due to their simplicity and functionality.
  • Range of Sizes: While typically on the smaller end of the tenting spectrum, frame tents are available in a variety of sizes, providing flexibility to accommodate different event needs and space constraints.
  • Customization: Additional components can be added to frame tents, such as sidewalls, flooring, lighting, and heating or cooling systems, allowing for customization based on specific event requirements.

Available Sizes

  • 6′ wide up to 100′ long
  • 10′ wide up to 100′ long
  • 15′ wide up to 100′ long
  • 20′ wide up to 100′ long
  • 30′ wide up to 100′ long


  • Sidewall: Solid, french window or clear walls are available (french window and clear are dependent on temperature)
  • Edison string lights on dimmer control
  • Indirect quartz light fixtures on dimmer control, hung pointed towards the roof panels to provide a soft light
  • High-bay lighting (cannot dim)
  • Concrete ballast with covers (alternative to staking)
  • Full wood subfloor (option to carpet or vinyl)
  • 4’x4′ Modular staging (various heights and sizes)