A-Frame & Standard Frame Tents

Premier offers a standard frame tent product in various sizes to meet your needs. The 2” pipe framework can be built in sections to expand from a 6’x10’ to a 40’x40’. The frame tent is an important product in the Premier inventory as it meets the needs of so many marathons, festivals and outdoor parties, while still entering the market at a great price point. This economical tenting solution does not come with all the bells and whistles like a legacy or solar structure, but it will keep the rain off your head and the sun out of the eyes!

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  • A frame tent is free standing without any interior poles but is also the most basic tent style available in the event, party and wedding industries. A frame tent is the most economical tenting solution compared to other structures, but it also lacks the features and sizes which contribute to the lower cost. Eg, in wind you will have flapping valances and billowing sidewalls because the vinyl isn’t secured at the bottom or tight to the framework.
  • The tent can be installed on grass, pavement, a deck, patio area, or other level surfaces, as it can be staked or blocked using concrete weights. If you are looking for coverage in a backyard or at an event with no add-ons, the standard frame tent would be the ideal tent for you. It is available in a variety of sizes; typically on the smaller end of the tenting spectrum, and often is used as walkways (6′ & 10′ wide). This tent can have additional components added to it (mentioned below), but it lacks the ‘wow’ factor when it comes to fancy or elegant outdoor tenting solutions.

Available Sizes

  • 6′ wide up to 100′ long
  • 10′ wide up to 100′ long (or longer)
  • 20′ wide up to 80′ long
  • 30′ wide up to 90′ long
  • 40′ wide x 40′ long (square)


  • Sidewall: Solid or French window are available (French window are dependent on warm temperatures)
  • Quartz (basic) lighting on dimmer (hung from the interior framework)
  • Chandelier on dimmer (hung from the interior framework)
  • Concrete blocks (alternative to staking)
  • Full wood subfloor (option to carpet)
  • Dance floor (wood grain or white)
  • Edison Bulb String Lights on dimmer control