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Stillwater Sailcloth Pole Tent

The Stillwater sailcloth pole tent is one of the most unique tents in the industry and we are thrilled to offer it in four sizes! The look is unlike anything in the tenting market with rounded ends, a semi-translucent top, roll up clear side walls and woodgrain finished aluminum (side and centre) poles. The sectional tent at its smallest size is 44’x 43’ spanning up in 20’ increments to 44’x103’. The nautical themed look is perfect for an elegant wedding or a small social or corporate gathering to impress friends or clients.

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  • The Stillwater sailcloth pole tent is an upgraded version of the high peak tension top pole tent with modern designs and features. It has rounded ends which create the ‘circular’ look on the 44’x43’ tent and the soft corners on the extended versions.
  • Due to the type of fabric for the walls and roof panels this tent can only be rented in the summer months.
  • The sailcloth roof line look is generated from the tension between the centre poles and the perimeter poles. The only way to achieve this ‘tight’ swooping look is to stake the tent into the ground. There are no concrete ballast alternatives for this type of tent.

Available Sizes

  • 44’x43’
  • 44’x63’
  • 44’x83’
  • 44’x103’


  • Sidewall: roll up 8’x10’ clear side walls are available
  • Standard chandeliers on dimmer control (hung from centre poles)
  • Crystal chandeliers on dimmer control (hung from centre poles)
  • Edison string lights on dimmer control
  • Indirect quartz light fixtures on dimmer control hung from side poles and pointed towards the roof to provide a soft light
  • Ceiling fans on speed control (hung from centre poles)
  • Dance floor (woodgrain or white)
  • 4’x4’ Modular staging (various heights and sizes)