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Temporary Flooring

Although our name doesn’t suggest we offer flooring, it is one of our specialities. Whether you need a sub-floor with carpet in your wedding tent, a dance floor to jive with the band or just want to increase the size of your backyard with a flush mount floor over your pool, Premier Tents has you covered from under your feet to over your head.

  • Dance Floor
  • Tent Sub-Floor
  • Elevated Deck Floors
  • Raised Beam Floor over Pool
    Prices starting as low as: $5,000
  • Flush Mount Floor over Pool
    Prices starting as low as: $8,000

For more information about our temporary flooring rentals from Premier Event Tent Rentals Inc., use our online contact form below to arrange a personal consultation.

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Dance Floor

If you’re looking to dance the night away on a tiled floor, then the wood grain parquet or not event ready white dance floor (available in 3’x4’ dimensions) is the product for you. The dance floor can be placed directly onto a level patio or our wooden subfloor and it must be covered by either a tent or permanent structure to provide shelter from the elements.

Tent Sub-Floor

If you would like a complete sub-floor throughout your entire tent, then a lay of the land floor with carpet is perfect for you. Premier will lay 2”x10′ planks on their back followed by 4’x8’ sheets of plywood to cover the entire surface. The plywood is topped with an indoor /outdoor tradeshow grade carpet, which will allow your guests to enjoy the party without missing a step.

Elevated Deck Floors

If wanting to extend your existing deck to fit a tent or just increase your event space, having Premier build an elevated deck floor is a must. The decks can be built up to a maximum height of 6’ above ground level and will be designed to meet engineer specifications. In order to build a perfectly level deck, we will use laser levels and custom legs/bracing to design the framework to match your needs. You can see a number of these Premier designed and built decks at the RBC Canadian Open each year.

Raised Beam Floors over Pool

Once you decide to host a backyard event, hire Premier to cover your swimming pool to increase your event space. Custom made I-beams are placed across the pool reaching both sides and sitting on top of the surrounding surface. A deck is then built on top to withstand the weight of a tent and all your guests. This leveled surface is topped with indoor/outdoor tradeshow grade carpet to give it the finished look.

Prices starting as low as: $5,000

Flush Mount Floor over Pool

After spending the money on landscaping and making your swimming pool the centrepiece of your yard, why not make it a practical event space as well?! Much like the raised beam floor, the flush mount floor uses custom I-beams across the pool, but rather than sit on top of the surrounding surface, engineered brackets are installed 12” below the pool edge. The brackets hold the i-beams below the top edge of the pool allowing a level surface throughout the yard. This floor comes with two options: carpet throughout or a configuration of clear panels. Plexi-glass panels (4’x4’) can be installed across the floor to allow a transparent view of the water below. Turning your pool lights on after dark and creating a spectacular dance floor will make you the talk of the neighbourhood for years to come!

Prices starting as low as: $8,000