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Premier Event Tent Rentals was contracted by an up-scale Oakville restaurant to create the perfect tented venue for their VIP Summer Garden Party. They wanted to use the green space just outside their door to host 200 local guests for a night of unusual foods, international wines and multi-cultural dancing and music. While the hosts decided to hold their party in a tent, there are many different types of outdoor structures that you can hold your VIP Garden Party in, such as a timber frame pavilion, for example. You may be more likely to find this sort of structure at a backyard party and for a small number of people though. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what sort of venue you have your party in, as long as it fits in with your vision.

As you see, fresh sod was laid only days before the tent was to be installed, so approval from the Town of Oakville came with the mandate of a full size floor reaching the perimeter interlock (on three sides). This was completed using a full subfloor topped with a solid black carpet. Fresh sod
The next step in the process once the floor was built, was to erect a structure that fit both the needs of the client (house 200+ guests), and manage the surrounding landscape (entrances, railings, doors, stairs). The client had a vision of guests walking down a set of red carpeted stairs, across a level entrance deck and into the tent. Premier was able to meet the needs by building a 40’x55’ Solar structure with the 10’ bay on the end; which is an unusual build. The reason for the abnormal layout, was the staircase being used by guests was 15’ from the end of the tent, so we could not have a leg in the centre of the entrance walkway. Tent structure
The client has a very specific vision in mind for the garden party and Premier was able to meet every demand. They wanted black chandeliers, a full ceiling liner with pole drapes, a white dance floor, and clear walls. As you can see, without hesitation Premier executed the vision to perfection. Dance floor
In addition to the tenting itself, the client was required by the Town to enclose their event and keep those without a ticket outside the space. As you see, Premier used their wooden white picket fence to create a pleasant looking barrier, which acted as a practical, yet dapper solution. White picket fence
For those of you who have travelled the quint roads of downtown Oakville, you will know the location of this tent and the area in which Premier managed to build the perfect 2200 sq. ft. venue for a summer VIP party. This is one of the many events that showcases the versatility of Premier Tent and Event- who won’t stop working for our clients until the last detail is covered. Downtown Oakville
Guests were greeted at the top of the stairs, then made their way into the open and spacious venue. Inside they were offered wine samples from vineyards around the world and treated to decadent saviour nourishments to match. Red carpet
The event was a huge success overall and Premier can’t take credit for the tasty foods, delicious wines, or large attendance; but we did provide the perfect Summer VIP Garden party atmosphere while maximizing the space provided and exceeding the expectations of the client and their respective guests. Perfect Summer VIP Garden party


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